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Appellate LawGregory J. Morse

The attorneys at the law firm of Morse & Morse, L.L.C. have successfully litigated appellate cases for more than thirty years.

Morse & Morse, L.L.C. represent clients in state and federal appeals.

The appellate process can include:

  • Evaluating the issues in the case.
  • Reviewing motions filed by lawyers in trial court.
  • Reading the trial transcripts.
  • Working with trial lawyers to evaluate the issues of the case.
  • Conducting legal research.
  • Writing an ‘issues memo’ after the research and analysis, and consult with the client and trial lawyers to identify the most promising issues.
  • Writing the brief.
  • Sharing the brief with the client and possibly the trial counsel; incorporating their comments and reactions.
  • Continuing to refine the brief until it is filed.
  • Reading the Answer Brief and conducting legal research.
  • Writing the Reply Brief.
  • Presenting the oral argument.
  • Representation at post-conviction court hearings.

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