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Experienced Appellate Lawyers Serving Florida From Palm Beach

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The attorneys at the law firm of King | Morse, have successfully litigated appellate cases with more than 40 years of experience combined.

King | Morse, represent clients in state and federal appeals for both criminal and civil matters.

Typical Elements Of An Appeal

Our knowledge born of experience has equipped us to manage your state or federal criminal or civil appeal proficiently and effectively. The appellate process can include:

  • Evaluating the issues in the case.
  • Reviewing motions filed by lawyers in trial court.
  • Reading the trial transcripts.
  • Working with trial lawyers to evaluate the issues of the case.
  • Conducting legal research.
  • Writing an ‘issues memo’ after the research and analysis, and consult with the client and trial lawyers to identify the most promising issues.
  • Writing the brief.
  • Sharing the brief with the client and possibly the trial counsel; incorporating their comments and reactions.
  • Continuing to refine the brief until it is filed.
  • Reading the answer brief and conducting legal research.
  • Writing the reply brief.
  • Presenting the oral argument.
  • Representation at post-conviction court hearings.

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