Palm Beach jeweler all charges dropped; former prosecutor denies blame

Our client, jewelry store owner Vernon Lee Havens, was accused of staging an armed robbery in his shop in order to collect the insurance money. To learn more about what happened and how we managed to get his charges dropped, explore The Skinny Sheet’s April 2012 article, as well as its March 2013 article and WPBF’s article from later that same month.

Prosecutors drop most real estate fraud charges

In May of 2012, business executive Guilfort Dieuvil was arrested after being accused of making false promises of mortgage relief through his radio ads. Learn how our team helped to get his charges dismissed.

Admirals Cove murder: Son testifies against mom in dad’s death

After being arrested for murdering her ex-husband, Donna Horwitz tried to pin the murder on her son, Radley. To find out more about how this case unfolded, explore these links from 48 Hours, Inside Edition, and WPBF News, as well as Palm Beach Post’s first and second coverage of the story.

Report: Woman looking to join NRA lawsuit wants to remain anonymous

A 19-year-old who wants to join the NRA’s lawsuit to challenge Florida’s new gun law is asking a court to protect her identity. West Palm Beach Defense Attorney Greg Morse says it’s very uncommon for a lawsuit to have a litigant want to keep their identity secret.

Report: New details emerge about migrants caught near Mar-a-Lago

Dramatic new details are now public of how the United States Coast Guard stopped a boat loaded with 13 migrants, including a convicted criminal from landing on our coast. Defense Attorney Greg Morse has represented migrants smuggled in the past and says most are just looking for a better life.

Report: Expert might be the key to a successful insanity defense for Austin Harrouff

The man accused in the gruesome cannibal-style murder of his Martin County neighbors will try to convince a jury that he was insane and suffering from a full-blown psychotic episode when he allegedly killed John Stevens and Michelle Mischon at their home near Tequesta in 2016. CBS 12 shared Harrouff’s insanity defense with someone who has successfully used it in the past, defense attorney Gregory Morse.

Report: Tiger Woods had to be woken up at wheel of running car during DUI arrest

In May of 2017, Tiger Woods was arrested after passing two breathalyzer tests but failing a field sobriety test. To learn more about the details of this case, and to hear Greg speak about the legal implications of Woods’s situation, visit the full CBS news article.

Report: United video raises questions of airlines right to remove you from flights

When a video of a passenger being forcibly removed from an airplane went viral, the CBS News team asked for legal insight from our law firm. Explore the full article to learn more.

Report: IRS identity theft slams investigative TV reporter

IRS identity theft affects many people — even those who are well-versed in law. Read this WPBF news article to find out more about this frustrating legal predicament and how you can minimize or even prevent such issues for yourself.

Prosecutor: Joseph Zada used ‘facade of wealth’ to dupe investors

When Joseph Zada was accused of tricking “investors” into giving him millions of dollars, our team worked to prove otherwise. Get more information on this criminal case.

Plea deal nets drunken driver 9 years in prison for dentist’s death

In 2015, our client, Beau Durling, rear-ended 85-year-old Dr. Jack Rosen. Durling was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.23 percent. Learn how our team helped Durling reach a plea deal in lieu of going to trial for DUI manslaughter.