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Two Legal Minds. One Shared Mission.

Our team approach is unique in the world of criminal law, but we find that it allows us to offer even better service to our clients. When you hire either of us, you get two legal minds working behind the scenes.

Extremely Thorough Service
No matter how simple or straightforward a case may appear, we always prepare for the possibility of trial. That way, we are more than ready for any direction that case may take.”
Amy Morse

When you’re facing a criminal charge, it’s extremely important that you choose your legal representation wisely. Any law office will be happy to have your business, but you deserve to work with a team that will go above and beyond — a team that understands and appreciates the gravity of your situation.

At our firm, we put our all into each and every case we take on because we know that your entire way of life may be on the line. We analyze your case from all angles, consider every possible line of defense, bounce ideas off one another to ensure nothing is overlooked, and even bring in subject-matter experts as needed.

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Our Core Principles

Mutual Respect

Respect has always been central to our firm philosophy. No matter your situation, our team will treat you and your loved ones with understanding and fight for you as though your case were our own.

Direct Communication

When you work with us, we tell you directly what’s happening in your case, what we foresee happening next, and what this means for you. This will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions.

A Trial-Ready Approach

By preparing for trial from day one, we in turn gain leverage in your case — whether or not it ever makes it to the courtroom. In other words, we don’t just prepare a defense. We over-prepare.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

No two criminal cases are exactly alike, which is why our team makes a point of digging into the details of every case we take on. If our client is under investigation, we vigorously scour through any and all information pertaining to that investigation. If they’ve been arrested, we promptly pour over police reports to ensure we are fully aware of all allegations against them.

Depending on the details of the case at hand, we may call on expert witnesses, push for a resolution that doesn’t involve trial, or try the case as a team. If it improves our client’s chances of success, we don’t hesitate to make it happen.

While we approach every case differently, there are a few services we offer to all of our clients in order to make the legal process easier on them. For starters, we offer free consultations for all of our criminal cases. So if you’re worried that you can’t afford a good defense attorney, know that it won’t cost you a thing to sit down and discuss your case with us. And, for those of our clients who are being held in jail, we are more than willing to meet with them there since they can’t come to us.

No matter where your case stands, we will start off our professional relationship right by hearing your story, addressing your concerns, and working with you to determine what needs to happen next.