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Proven Representation In Health Care Fraud Cases

As health care insurance options and programs continue to expand and become more complex, so does the federal government’s scrutiny of health professionals’ billing and referral practices. When health care fraud is alleged by a whistleblower or discovered during an audit, federal prosecutors will use all available resources to hold defendants accountable.

The federal government is a formidable opponent in a health care fraud case. Prosecutors have a team of attorneys, investigators and experts to help them review documents, interview witnesses and establish compelling arguments. If your institution is under investigation for fraud or has been charged, it is vital that you retain a team that is equipped to handle this intricate matter effectively and efficiently.

How Our Team Can Protect your Interests

At King | Morse, our attorneys have successfully defended clients facing a variety of complex fraud charges, including mortgage fraud, federal securities fraud and health care fraud. Attorneys Amy Morse and Gregory J. Morse know how to navigate the federal criminal process and get optimal results. They have built a strong reputation throughout Florida for their responsiveness, legal understanding and record of success.

When you retain our firm, our team will act swiftly to contain the issue and mitigate the risk of prolonged legal action and crippling penalties. We help individuals, private practices and large institutions combat a wide range of fraud allegations or violations, such as:

  • Upcoding and other forms of improper coding
  • Billing for services that were not provided or were not necessary
  • Overcharging for medical supplies or services
  • Self-referring

We regularly advocate for clients accused of submitting false claims to private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs. Our attorneys have a substantial background in health care law and criminal law, which they use to locate flaws in opposing counsel’s arguments and identify favorable resolutions. Their legal insight and dynamic strategies can save you time, money and your institution’s reputation.

Begin Developing Your Defense

Fraud charges will not clear up on their own. It is critical that you act promptly to protect your own interests. We can help.

Arrange your private consultation with a health care fraud lawyer at our firm and begin mounting your defense. Call 561-489-5056 or email our West Palm Beach office to begin the conversation.