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Providing Strategic Counsel For Health Care Legal Issues

Succeeding in the health care industry requires more than providing high-quality services to patients and attending to your bottom line. Whether you manage a provider group, a single health care provider or a large institution, you’ll need to find time to understand and comply with federal and state laws as well as health care regulations. When your time is at a premium, working with a seasoned attorney allows you to focus on your budget, your metrics and your objectives.

Our team at King | Morse, has provided skilled and straightforward counsel for even the most intricate legal concerns since 2000. Throughout Palm Beach County, attorneys Amy Morse, Gregory J. Morse and Rick King are known for their comprehensive knowledge of the law and the legal process. They are qualified to defend your interests in criminal investigations, compliance matters and other high-stakes issues.

Pursuing A Proactive Approach To Address Your Concerns

In the field of medicine and the law, taking preventative measures can help contain costs and minimize harm. As legal advisers and litigators, our attorneys have found that careful planning can go a long way toward limiting legal fees and penalties for violations.

We consult with HR managers, administrators and other health care professionals who are responsible for adhering to health care laws and regulations. We offer an extensive array of compliance services that include developing, evaluating and updating compliance programs. Turn to us when you need to make sense of complex regulations, locate gaps in policies and implement procedures.

Handling Internal Investigations With Discretion

If you do not have a strong legal background, what you do not know about conducting internal investigations can lead to expensive mistakes. Our attorneys draw on over 40 years of shared legal experience when they engage in audits and lead investigations.

Whether your entity is currently under investigation for fraud or other forms of alleged misconduct, our team is equipped to scrutinize your records and document its findings. You can depend on us to handle this delicate matter with the discretion and professionalism it demands.

Mounting An Aggressive Defense Against Fraud Charges

Our partners are seasoned criminal defense attorneys and have successfully represented countless clients accused of engaging in fraudulent practices. We are acutely aware that time is critical when our clients are the target of a federal investigation or have been charged in Florida.

You can depend on us to move quickly to collect evidence and develop a compelling case that supports your version of events. Allegations of health care fraud, medicare fraud or other federal criminal crimes can taint your business’s reputation. As your advocate, we will do everything in our power to prevent this adverse legal action from causing lasting damage.

Discuss Your Concerns In A Private Consultation

Learn more about our services and how our lawyers can assist you in a consultation. You can reach our West Palm Beach office via our online form or call us at 561-489-5056.