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Helping Your Organization Comply With Health Care Laws And Regulations

Remaining current with health code regulations and laws can seem like an endless task whether you are serving as your organization’s compliance officer, HR representative or any other applicable position. It isn’t only that compliance requirements are constantly changing; they can be difficult to interpret and apply to your entity’s structure and services.

Noncompliance isn’t an option, however, if you want to limit exposure to liabilities and fines. At King | Morse, we understand the concerns that you have as you continue to update your organization’s policies, procedures, handbooks and contracts to facilitate compliance. Our attorneys have the insight required to assess your health care legal concerns and determine the correct approach for your organization.

The Benefits Of Partnering With Us

Our attorneys leverage decades of legal experience when they scrutinize federal and state laws and parse regulations. When they determine how your organization is affected by updates to health care compliance, they will clearly communicate your obligations and options. As a result, you can make informed decisions about how to best move forward.

In addition to offering consulting services, our attorneys are also qualified to enhance your compliance program through:

  • Spearheading audits
  • Identifying areas of high risk
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your organization’s program
  • Designing new compliance programs
  • Assisting in the implementation of programs

While it is important to develop a sound compliance program, it is also vital to create one that all employees can easily follow. You can depend on our attorneys to tailor our programs and recommendations to your specific needs and objectives.

Should legal problems arise, our attorneys are qualified to lead investigations or defend your organization against claims of health care fraud or noncompliance in Florida courthouses.

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Our West Palm Beach team at King | Morse, strives to serve as your long-time partner as you face and overcome compliance challenges. Learn more about how we can assist you when you schedule your consultation with a seasoned lawyer online or over the phone. Please call 561-489-5056 or complete our form to get started.