Criminal and Civil Investigations

Are you or your company the target of a Criminal Investigation?  Did you or your company receive a letter from an Administrative Agency, such as the Department of Health or Securities and Exchange Commission?  Were you served with a Grand Jury Subpoena or Lawsuit?  Contact Morse & Morse, L.L.C.

If you or your company have received a target letter, a subpoena for documents or testimony, been contacted by a federal agent, or believe you are under investigation, contact the attorneys at the law firm of Morse & Morse, LLC.  If handled properly at the investigation phase, you may never face charges,  The earlier you contact the team at Morse & Morse, LLC the more options you will have.  Contact Morse & Morse, L.L.C. today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney to confidentially discuss your legal matter.

The attorneys handle investigations in the following:

  • Health Care Investigations (Department of Health)
  • SEC Fraud inquires and other SEC investigations
  • Federal Investigations
  • Public Corruption Investigations
  • False Statements to Government
  • Grand Jury Subpoena

Contact the experienced, respected and vigorous team at the law firm of Morse & Morse, L.L.C. today. We are committed to defending your rights.