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Criminal And Civil Investigations

Are you or your company the target of a criminal investigation? Did you or your company receive a letter from an administrative agency, such as the department of health or Securities and Exchange Commission? Were you served with a grand jury subpoena or lawsuit? Contact King | Morse.

If you or your company have received a target letter, a subpoena for documents or testimony, been contacted by a federal agent, or believe you are under investigation, contact the attorneys at the law firm of King | Morse.

The Importance Of A Timely Defense

If handled properly at the investigation phase, you may never face charges, the earlier you contact the team at King | Morse, the more options you will have. Contact King | Morse, today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney to confidentially discuss your legal matter.

Our defense lawyers assist clients through investigations such as the following:

  • Health care investigations (Department of Health)
  • SEC fraud inquiries and other SEC investigations
  • Federal investigations
  • Public corruption investigations
  • Allegations of false statements to government
  • Grand jury subpoenas

Get Started Protecting Your Interests

Contact the experienced, respected and vigorous team at the law firm of King | Morse by phone at 561-489-5056 or by email. We are committed to defending your rights.