Who wanted one-time millionaire Lanny Horwitz dead more: his jealous ex-wife or his angry son?

Produced by Sara Ely Hulse and Michelle Feuer

[This story first aired on Dec. 14, 2013. It was updated on June 28, 2014.]

Radley Horwitz was asleep at his parents Jupiter, Fla., home on Sept. 30, 2011, when he woke up to a nightmare.

From left, Lanny, Radley and Donna Horwitz RADLEY HORWITZ

“I still want to know exactly what happened that morning,” he told “48 Hours” correspondent Peter Van Sant. “And I jumped out of bed … and heard — I– I don’t know how many shots.”


Disoriented and defenseless with the house alarm blaring, Radley stayed in his room — not knowing if the shooter would make him the next target.

“I was basically pacing back and forth in my room like a trapped rat. I was afraid to go out that door there,” he said.

“You don’t know who’s been shot. You don’t know who’s got the gun in their hands,” Van Sant noted to Radley.

“I could hear my mom screamin’ my name,” he replied.

“And then more shots and they were — they were pretty– pretty rapid … I heard a real lot of — of dry firing… I knew that the gun was empty,” said Radley.

When the shooting stopped, Radley rushed down the hall into his parent’s bedroom. He looked into the master bathroom and saw his father, 66-year-old Lanny Horwitz.

“I was scared. And I — I ran out of there,” Radley said. “… he — he looked like he was certainly beyond — any help.”

“When you came out, what was your mother’s state. Was she sobbing? Was she panicked?” Van Sant asked.

“She was hysterical,” Radley replied. He says he then left his mother, Donna, so he could turn off that house alarm. A security officer in this gated community rushed to the house.

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