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What should you expect after being arrested?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Firm News |

If you are arrested in Florida, you will likely experience distress and confusion. The process itself involves a number of complex procedures that may make the situation very intimidating if you have never been been in this type of a situation.


After you have been arrested, the police will take you to the station. Once there, the police perform these procedures:

  • Obtain your personal information.
  • Take note of scars, tattoos or other personal information.
  • Get your fingerprints and mugshot.
  • Search you for illegal materials.
  • Check your past criminal history.

After booking

After you have been booked, you wait in your jail cell. During your wait, the authorities decide whether you will be charged with a crime that may require a criminal defense strategy. According to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, you can be held in your jail cell for 33 days without being charged in most cases. If the state attorney demonstrates good cause, they can keep you in jail without being charged for up to 40 days.

Bail and bond companies

Once the court charges you with a crime, the court will also decide whether you are eligible for bail. Bail refers to the amount of money you must pay in order to get out of jail.

If you cannot afford to pay your bail yourself, a bond can be posted on your behalf by a bail bond company. These companies post up to 20% of the total bail, which is enough to allow you to get out of jail. Contracts with bond companies typically require you to pay your entire bail amount if you fail to show up in court for your trial.

Rights as an inmate

While you are being held in jail, federal and state laws protect your rights. If you feel that these rights are violated, these may be grounds to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.